Quality and aesthetics are important considerations in the design and manufacturing of our shields, and is clearly separating C-shields from other products on the market   

C-shields are designed and manufactured using precision CNC equipment, making for a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The solid 3/8” thick acrylic panels ensure that the panel will not bow or bend, even at larger panel dimensions.  Each corner of the shield is designed with a smooth radius for appearance and safety.

Vertical sides of the c-shield will be captured with an aluminum powder coated profile in order to prevent damage to the panel during daily use, while at the same time providing a safe termination for people that are in close proximity and or in contact with the shield.


Powder coat standard finish options are silver, charcoal and bronze, custom colors available upon request    

C-shield attachment options include mounting options for top or face of counter, and can be attached to various materials including wood, melamine, metal, glass or granite, using screw or glue type attachments.

C-shields can be further customized to include CAD designed engraving options, including corporate or personal logo’s applied on our CNC equipment 


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Pricing for c-shields vary based on size, method of attachment and other special provisions required for each unique condition.   Discounted rates are available for larger orders of c-shield walls.  We have qualified, licensed and insured technicians available that can perform installation on location. To receive a quote click the  CONTACT US  page to schedule an appointment.  


Click on the drawing to see typical design options for individual C-Shields with various attachment options. Each screen can be further customized to include pass through openings (See picture below for example).  Multiple C-shields can  combined into one C-Shield "wall" . We can review  project conditions via video call and issue our proposal via email for review.


To properly clean and care for installed shields, please click here and follow the instructions.